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if you’ve been reading my blog lately, you know that a few weeks ago i had the pleasure of taking maternity photos for my cousin dawn and her husband jason (click here for my blog post about it!), and that a few days later i was lucky enough to get to photograph their newborn son, harper (click here for my post about it!).

the gunnoe family has basically become my own little photography project (which i think is great, i’m just waiting for them to get fed up with me and my camera!). the amazing thing about an ongoing project like this, especially when you already know the subjects, is that it ends up connecting you in ways you never thought possible.

i’ll spend hours in the gunnoe household, observing everyday life and snapping simple photographs of beautiful moments. the magic is that, as the photographer, i gain an intimate look into the life of my photographic subjects. i get to see them on a whole other level that they may not show off to other people.

i am so blessed to have this kind of connection with dawn and jason, and now their handsom baby harper. it’s these kinds of connections that make for amazing photographs, which in turn, make for one-of-a-kind memories for both the gunnoe’s and myself.

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