as most of you know, i’m a huge fan of travel. i will travel whenever, wherever, with whoever, so long as it promises to be one hell of an adventure. which got me thinking, if i could bring any movie or tv characters with me, who would it be? here’s a brief list, off the top of my head:: 


legolas (lotr):: not only does he have hair as nice as mine, but he also speaks elvish! i’ve always wanted to learn, and who better to teach me than an athletic, agile, sexy, forest dwelling, elvin man.

ron swanson (parks and rec):: ron is a badass. end of story.

ellie torres (cougar town):: she drinks a shit ton of wine, is sassy as hell, and has some great one-liners. i’m in love.

tom haverford (parks and rec):: aziz ansari is one of the funniest people on earth, so i had to find a way to include him in all of this somehow. basically the roadtrip would end with a wedding between the two of us and it would be epic. also, his life mantra is “treat yo self”, soooo.. yes.

neal caffrey (white collar):: seriously though, what’s not to love about neal caffrey!? he’s well dressed, can steal just about anything, and has excellent taste in everything. intense art adventures would basically be guaranteed. i’m in. 

tinker bell (via old school disney movie, not the new show on the disney channel):: she may be kind of a bitch, but that bitch can fly!

mindy lahiri (the mindy project):: the very first episode of the mindy project showed her intoxicated, in a gorgeous sequin dress, emotional and fleeing from an ex’s wedding, and then falling straight into a pool. her life is basically a hot mess, and that would only serve to make the drive more entertaining.

abed & troy (community):: please tell me that you’ve seen this show! these two interacting is one of my all time favorite bromances; it’s pure genius.