Photo Dec 22, 8 39 37 PM

first off, i tend to call babies “little humans”, because that’s exactly what they are. they’re hella presh (when they’re not crying, or farting, or throwing up), but they still slightly freak me out.

you see, most of my experience with kids has been with kindergarden through 3rd graders. any younger than that and i usually just get annoyed at the fact that they don’t understand sarcasm and can’t go to the bathroom on their own. anyhow, every summer when i work at the daycare as a substitute, floating from class to class, i try my hardest to avoid the preschool room. children that age and younger are just so helpless! and while it’s cute from afar, i find it crazy annoying to deal with for an extended period of time. i prefer kids once they’re at the age that you can hold a real conversation with them without them being sassy all the damn time. also, little humans just seem so breakable! they’re so tiny and nimble and weak and whiney, i can’t even handle them.

so spending time with my new darling baby cousin, harper, has been a new experience for me. he’s the first baby that i’ve been around for an extended amount of time that i can actually stand. though, now that i’m thinking about it, i haven’t exactly been around too many babies during my adult life. whatever. and while he still seems quite fragile, and i definitely don’t want to hold him because i have this ever impending fear of dropping him, i don’t mind being around him and taking a shit ton of pictures. his little fingers and toes and nose are just too damn cute!!!

maybe he’ll be the baby that changes my mind about babies. orrrr maybe he won’t, and i’ll just love taking pictures of him and his adorable parents. i guess only time will tell.