Photo Dec 21, 3 26 10 PM

being in southern, costal turkey during spring break!! gahhhh i can’t wait to finally get away for spring break, and be heading to the mediterranean, and to be going there with all of my amazing polysci people (including my bestie who’s flying from germany to meet us all there!).

taking political theory with MOreilly, myers, and emily. seriously, this class is going to be amazing, not just because it’s just the three of us and marc, but because i’m really nerdy interested in the subject. since when did getting excited about education become a bad thing!? i’m thrilled to be ending my 4 years at the berg on an academic high note!

only taking 4 classes, so i have tons of time for zeta theta psi, work, and filling out applications for seminary.

WINEsdaywednesday’s with emily and AJ. this is going to be a weekly thing and it’s going to be much needed.

jetting off to san francisco in april for the 4th year in a row. oh how i miss being on the west coast, roaming around a big city, visiting art galleries and bookstores and eating in little italy!

model un in both turkey and in san francisco!! again, i’m such a polysci nerd. i seriously love that stuff.

my independent religion class is going to be absolutely stellar. i have no clue what it’s going to be about (i still have yet to pick a topic of study.. oops!), but it’s going to be one-on-one with grangaard so i’m sure to learn tons. and since i’m picking what we’re learning about, i’m going to get hella into it. yay!

bailiwicks just got even better now that i have my handy-dandy reusable cup from there. you get extra coffee, plus a discount every time you use it. hell yea!

casual gossip dinners with emily and aj shall obviously continue into next semester, especially with all the travel that we’ll be planning for and all the crazy people that it will involve dealing with. but alas, our nightly dinners (with occasional rage-fests) are exactly what i need to make it through my last semester.

zeta stuff (like more recruitment events, new member education, and officially growing as a group) is going to pick up speed in the coming months, and i can’t wait to watch it all take off.

working as a manager in the admissions office means more time spent there with the amazing staff of admissions counselors and visit coordinators that i’ve grown to love. these people are seriously like family to me, and i can’t wait to get paid to spend even more hours working with all of them.

intramural soccer games start up next semester! granted, i don’t play (the most athletic i get is doing yoga or running towards someone who’s offering me free wine), but i do love to watch. there’s nothing better than sitting in the middle of the football field, freezing your ass off in the dark, with a soccer game on either side of you.

finding out more info on my (possible) GMI won’t occur for another few months, but i’m freaking out and hella pumped to find out if i get the global missions internship, and if so, where in the world i’ll be heading (because i told them that i will literally go anywhere).

my girl meredith will be back for next semester!! yay! she’s been gone in costa rica this past semester and i eagerly await her return and the epic wine nights (full of travel tales) that shall ensue.

all the awesome books that we’re reading for my international studies capstone. you may think i’m crazy for this one, but they’re legit good books that i’ve been wanting to read for a while but just haven’t had the time. being forced to read them for a class will make sure that i not only read them, but have stellar discussions on them as well. hooray for learning!