as most of you know, i absolutely love photography. i have an amazing sony camera that i’m obsessed with and, of course, i always have my trusty iPhone on me at all times. my comfort zone within photography, however, is scenery and buildings: they don’t move and i don’t have to worry about trying to direct them and rearrange the shot. i’m not dependent on them to get a good photo, it’s all on me.

photographing people is vastly different from photographing scenes, landscapes, and even just casual candid shots. but that’s exactly what i did for my wonderful cousin dawn and her husband jason: i did a maternity shoot. i jumped far out of my photographic comfort zone and had an absolutely stellar time doing it.

the shoot ended up only taking an hour or so (dawn and jason are very efficient models!) and i came away with some great shots. the entire time there was such an air of love and expectancy that was almost palpable, which makes sense now: i took the photos just two days ago and today dawn is in the hospital with a healthy baby harper!!

so here’s a preview of their maternity shoot, i hope you enjoy it!

Photo Dec 18, 1 46 51 PM

Photo Dec 18, 2 37 57 PM

Photo Dec 18, 1 07 43 PM

Photo Dec 18, 2 55 18 PM

Photo Dec 18, 2 26 36 PM