in case you don’t already know, i absolutely love baking. like i seriously LOVE to bake, and i’m pretty dang good at it too, if i do say so myself. real food? meh, who needs real food when you have a kitchen full of delightful brownies, cookies, cakes, and more!?

hence why this past saturday was so enjoyable for me: i spent 7 hours at my cousin’s house baking christmas goodies and catching up with various aunts, cousins, and my wonderful grandmother. 8 of us ladies were there, along with 4 rambunctious children who really liked to steal cookies from the cooling racks, and it was an absolutely epic day.

it’s my belief that food brings people together. the act of cooking something, the act of making something entirely from scratch with someone that you care for, is one of the greatest bonding experiences you can have. plus, you get food after the bonding is done, soooo win win!

we made everything from pinwheels to sugar sticks to white chocolate raspberry brownie bites, and it was glorious. children stole cookies, batter splattered on the floor, flour was everywhere, and we all happily mixed and chatted and got caught up. it was a great day for family, and an even better day for the baking industry, because we went all out.