Photo Dec 16, 2 31 47 PM

i have found my second home at heidelberg university. it is here that i found the tight-knit close community that everyone in my small hometown always talked about, but i never truly experienced.

here, i have my polysci family, filled with fellow political nerds who get hella excited about model un and always want to be top of the class. i have my first year family, those that i met and connected with during the whirlwind that was my freshman year. i have my study abroad family, who understand what reverse culture shock is and are always up for another international adventure.

i have so many families here at heidelberg, and as of this past semester, i now officially have another: my zeta family. those who have fought for a place on this campus, who known what that struggle was like to become a new sorority, and who fiercely speak out for women’s empowerment. and for them, i am thankful, because you can never have too many families.