with finals, comes music. lots of music. to accompany lots of studying. and so while my go-to study stuff tends to be the lord of the rings soundtracks and anything and everything trevor hall has ever made, i’ve also been into some newer chill stuff. here’s a listing of some of it (in no particular order), with videos, so you can check out what i’m currently vibing with. enjoy!


atlas hands by benjamin francis leftwich [super chill and it makes me want to sail away]::

bartholomew by the silent comedy [intense and gritty, but a t-shirt and jeans feel]::

lay your cards out by polica [sway music, something that reminds me of pirate bar in paros]::

do my thang by miley cyrus [my guilty pleasure song, not even gonna lie. i’ve grown pretty attached to it thanks to my boo AJ]::

until we bleed by lykke li feat. kleerup [wonderful background music]::

walk on by by noosa [“i’ve got no reason to love you, but i do, i do, i do”.. it’s just beautiful]::

louis louis by teitur [reminds me of prague, where i heard it for the first time]::

angel by katastro [one of my all time favorites]::

i believe by three legged fox [again, just good calm jeans and t-shirt music that belongs on a beach with some wine]::

sweater weather by the neighbourhood [all their stuff makes me feel sneaky and seductive]::