this is how i feel about the upcoming week..

this is how i feel about the upcoming week..



ahh classes for the semester are officially over. i’m finally done with bing’s casual sexist comments and his weird and tangential ramblings that make me think he constantly spikes his coffee. my struggle in conversational spanish is done, and i’m saying goodbye to spanish classes forever! (unless, of course, i end up going somewhere spanish-speaking for my gap year(s), in which case, i will then have to take more..) my tuesday rant sessions with my fellow feminists about our religion & politics in america class have come to a close. and i’ve presented my intense honors capstone to the university, which takes a huge weight off my shoulders.

now i just have finals to worry about: a cumulative assessment in some random ass format (which bing has never used before..) for research methods, both an oral and a written exam for spanish, online essays for religion & politics, and i have to actually finish the paper that my honors capstone presentation was based off of.

whew! still much to accomplish. and so i shall let the wine flow and the calming reggae music play as i attempt to make it through this next week so i can then relax at home for the next month. it’s just one more week. i can do this.