i’m having to remind myself of that a lot lately.. to just. breathe.

just breathe.

that’s why i’m writing this blog post, in fact, as a way to take a break from the work that’s threatening to overwhelm me, and instead do something just for me. something to release all the tension.

the photo above is a current shot of my desk as i’m working on my senior honors project, which is due in a week, and which i’m presenting on tuesday. i have thick books stacked all over, pages of notes neatly stacked (for now), and so many things open on my macbook as i simultaneously look shit up, write my paper, and work on a powerpoint showcasing all the work i’ve done throughout the past semester.

it’s the end of the semester and i’m in a panic.

so much stress. so much work to be done. so much information flying around my head. so many nerves. so much tension. so much anticipation. so much riding on this project.

such a need for yoga. and breathing. and being conscious of the now.

i just keep reminding myself that it’s almost over. within a week, all of this will be done and (hopefully) turned in. DONE.

and yet, right now, when i’m in the middle of it all, i want to act like a bratty teen and throw a hissy fit and run away from it all.

instead, i think i’ll work hardcore for another few hours and then curl up in bed with a very large bottle of wine. yes, that is definitely my current life plan.