those who buy you booze. on my flight from chicago to jfk, en route to athens for study abroad, i sat next to a guy who was so thrilled by my life adventures that he bought us a round of drinks in celebration. hell yea.

people who only chat during take off and landing. seriously, these are the only times that i want to be in conversation, and even then it’s only because the stewardess has already crabbed at me for not putting my ipod away, so i have to interact.

people who alternate between sleep / reading / listening to music. this is the ideal person to sit next too. not too chatty, relatively introverted, and not asleep / snoring the entire time so i don’t feel bad waking them up and asking them to move so i can pee. perfection.

best friends. so you can be ridiculously loud and annoy erryone else on the plane. while it’s great for you, it’s also pretty terrible for the rest of the passengers on the plane, but oh well.

significant others. because surviving a plane ride together will tell you so much about a person. seriously. after being trapped next to each other for a few hours you will definitely know where you stand.


as you can probably tell, based on this list and compared to my last blog post, i’m pretty damn picky about who i sit next to on a plane. hence why i drink so much wine and then either sleep or read with my headphones on. i can be a cranky plane traveller, but hey, who isn’t!?