the other night found me missing my darling friend hannah jane tons and tons. she was the first friend that i made during my semester in greece and those three months saw us through tons of crazy adventures. she’s in wonderful rome now, working at a bed and breakfast as their social media manager.

as you can probably tell from this blog, writing is how i normally find my release, and yet the other night i simply wasn’t in a blogging mood. and so i decided to draw.

just after i arrived back in the states post-study-abroad, hannah had sent me a piece of her art: a willow-y tree sketched in pencil with a beautiful poem by tyler knott on it. i did my own rendition of that on my sheets, so that now every time i look at them i’m reminded of hannah and the plethora of adventures that we had during our time together. because sometimes, you just need to sketch on some sheets.


here’s the full text of the poem, if you’re interested: 

i would gladly stand in the shade

of the tree you’ll one day be

if all the world around you knew

and everyone could see

that not a soul will ever exist

that loves your leaves like me

— tyler knott gregson 

oh! and hannah blogs as well. if you’re interested in checking out her stuff, like her time in greece or rome, feel free to roam around her page: