having an opinion.

not being meek.

letting you know where you stand with me, rather than faking it.

being curvaceous and fabulous.

my hair spilling onto your desk in class. it’s not my fault that i have mermaid waves and you chose to sit behind me.

tweeting far more than i should.

not wearing pants unless it’s absolutely necessary.

talking very loudly, all the time.

being fierce erry damn day.

telling people when i don’t agree with them, as opposed to just keeping quite and going along with it.

drinking wine. lots of wine.

being religious.

knowing what i want and doing whatever i need to in order to get it.

making really nerdy lord of the rings references as often as possible.

still loving harry potter.

absolutely loving tyra’s show america’s next top model on the cw. basically tyra is my spirit animal.

having a weeds poster hanging prominently above my bed.

not bashing my body. you can hate on yourself all you want, but i’m not going to join in and start listing off things that i dislike about myself. you gotta keep it positive.

being comfortable with my sexuality.

having such high self confidence that sometimes i swear i could reach the moon.

loving the single life.

forgiving people easily.

being idealistic about mankind and the world.

not wanting to see 99% of the people that i went to high school with ever again.

standing up for what i believe in.

pretending that i’m a mermaid every time i get in some body of water. pool, ocean, sea, river, lake, i don’t care, i’m a fucking mermaid!!

talking in a terrible british accent after watching harry potter.

always writing in brightly colored pen.

loving endlessly.

listening to, and genuinely enjoying, the song “imma do my thang” by miley cyrus. dammit aj for getting me into this song!

throwing myself into the unknown.

pulling a ke$ha and not washing my hurrr sometimes. i have a nose ring, it’s fine.

not smoking weed.

being obnoxiously loud in the campus cafe with aj and emily.

breaking into song anytime i hear justin timberlake.

speaking in a marc o’reilly voice any time shit’s goin’ downnnnn.

drinking kroger chocolate milk straight from the gallon jug.

painting my nails with the skill of a 3rd grader.

sending tons of video messages to my friends that always end up being very loud and filled with curse words. they’re always amusing though.

disliking country music.

throwing glitter and confetti in the air at random times, in everyday life and at parties.

loving reading the bible, especially the old testament. that stuff is hella interesting, and it’s some beautiful writing.

being well traveled.

loving learning and education on the whole.

having standards when dating.

following my gut instincts, no matter where they may lead.