people who correct my grammar in the middle of a damn sentence. lets be honest, that’s just annoying as hell and life is too short to constantly be annoyed.

people who would rather argue than discuss. discussions are learning opportunities, whereas arguments are just draining and really not worth my time.

people who aren’t interested in getting out of their comfort zone. i understand liking the safety of where you are, really, but you’ve got to expand your horizons at some point. i’ve found that you learn the most when you get outside of your comfort zone, and so i assume that if you don’t want to get outside of yours then you really aren’t interested in growing as a person. and i sure as hell don’t have time for someone like that. nobody does.

people who are bad kissers. if you’re bad at kissing, i’m going to assume that you’re just a miserable failure at everything else in your life too. you’re in your 20’s now, there’s just no excuse.

people who make me defend being a feminist. it’s fine if you’re not as gung-ho about feminism as i am, i get that, but when you’re so misogynistic that you try to make me feel stupid for believing that women deserve equal pay for equal work, then your ass had better be hitting the highway.

people who are religiously close-minded. i don’t mind you having different beliefs than i do, but i do mind when you start preaching to me and telling me that i’ll be going to hell because i’m a devil worshipper. that shit is just crazy. i want to date someone that i can learn from, and if you’re busy condemning me then that’s never going to happen.

people who insult my intelligence, and then try to pass it off as a compliment. i once dated a guy who would tell me all the time “it’s okay, you’re pretty, you don’t have to be smart!” well fuck that, and fuck you too.

people who are into drugs. we’re not in high school any more, so you need to quit smoking weed every damn day. anything harder is just an obvious no. and i don’t clean up anybody’s puke, so if you’re a belligerent drunk who loves to black out, then you can leave too.

people who don’t have any desire to travel. whaaa!? i don’t even understand how this happens, but it has. i adore traveling, and i plan to continue traveling as much and as often as i can.

people who classify “tall blondes with big tits” as the ideal woman. really? you couldn’t have gotten a bit more creative when creating your perfect girl? that’s just sad and you’re not worth my time.

people who watch more romcoms than i do. if you have that many feels, then this shit is just too overwhelming for me. i don’t subscribe to tacky romance, and i don’t want someone that i’m dating to either.

people who take longer to get ready in the morning than i do. i think it says something about a person if you’re literally incapable of waking up and leaving your house in under 20 minutes.. it says that you’re too high maintenance for me.

people who still listen to high-school-emo-phase music. this includes my chemical romance, coheed & cambria, avenged sevenfold, system of a down, dance gavin dance, chiodos, and the like. grow up and get better taste in music. now.