Photo Nov 14, 6 03 21 PM

first and foremost, i apologize for the lack of blogging lately. my life has been absolutely insane in the most wonderful and unexpected ways, and i’ve been far too busy and distracted to write it all out. this post is basically going to be the quick version of everything that went down, day by day, because i’m just really in the mood to be organized like that.

wednesday, nov 6: i woke the night before leaving for saint louis to the feeling that something was caught in my throat. it burns and simmers and i’m awake for hours, panicking and not finding anything to take the pain away. eventually i fall asleep.

thursday, nov 7: i woke early (still feeling like something is stuck in my throat) and last-minute shoved stuff in bags as i prepped for my noon departure for saint louis, MO with some people from the political science department (AKA dr. marc o’reilly and 8 students). we drove for 9 hours, all crammed happily into a heidelberg van, on our trek to make it to the international studies association midwest 2013 conference (a political science nerd’s dream come true!). we ended up leaving late (surprise! ..not), singing along to ridiculous music the entire drive there, and arriving around 10pm.

friday, nov 8: we all slept in, because we were obviously hella tired from the travel. it’s crazy how just riding in a van can exhaust you eh? AJ and i dropped everyone else off at the conference and then drove over to eden seminary so that i could visit it and my wonderful friend nick who attends there. the verdict? i love the school, but i’m not sure that the town it resides in is the place that i want to come back to after spending two years abroad volunteering. i want a bigger city already, and after my time abroad i know that i’ll only yearn for more. we returned to the conference and went to a few presenters. i felt sick later that night (stress induced, due to my still-persisting esophagus problems), so i lay around wanting to feel better. eventually i did and i spent the rest of the night watching south park with emily, alex, and MOreilly (it was absolutely stellar).

saturday, nov 9: conference, conference, conference! emily and MOreilly presented their paper on qatar in the evening and when that was done we all headed out to a hockey game! fun fact: i absolutely love going to hockey games. i yell and cheer and get all riled up during the fights. there’s just something so primal about it all, i can’t pass it up. emily and i got back to the hotel and decided to have an epic wine night with meghan, one of the other girls on the trip. it lasts until 3am and peaks at 1am when a large, double pepperoni, pizza is delivered. we nom on it for quite a bit and our room is gradually taken over by other people: MOreilly, other friends from the trip, and my friend nick from seminary, who took the metro over from eden to spend the evening with us.

sunday, nov 10: ahh driving back! it was just as epic as the drive there, except that we may have actually sang acapella even more on the way home and it was beautiful. the trip was long and my throat was still killing me, but we bonded over crappy miley cyrus, grunge 90’s alternative, and intense macklemore. we arrived back at heidelberg hella late, wherein i returned to my room and passed out.

monday, nov 11: zach and i decided to skip research methods, which i think was a wonderful idea. the sleeping in did me good and gave me energy to get through the rest of the day. lunch, work in admissions, and spanish class all rolled by, but i just wanted to get out of there and get to the urgent care in town to get my throat checked out. when i finally arrived i chatted with the doctor, who was very worried and thought it might be an ulcer, so she sent me on to the ER. i spent a few hours there, underwent some basic tests and x-rays, and was sent home and told that i really needed to get in and see my primary physician to figure that shit out.

tuesday, nov 12: my mum calls at 9am and tells me that i have a doctor’s appointment back home for 11:45am with my greek-god-gorgeous physician. i speed home, make it in time for the appointment, where my doctor agrees that it’s probably an ulcer and that needs to be checked out. he prescribes a liquid that i need to take that should help the pain so that i can hopefully start drinking water and maybe eat a few bites of food. i call a GI specialist and get in for an appointment the next day, so i stay at home for the night.

wednesday, nov 13: i head in to riverside hospital for my esophageal endoscopy. my doctor there is cute and i’m reminded during the whole ordeal how glad i am to not be scared of needles. i found out that i have not one, but two, ulcers in my throat. soooo no wonder it hurt me to swallow everything from mac n cheese to water. the doctor recommended that i eat bland foods and go easy on how much i’m eating, in order to give the ulcers time to heal while still taking the medicine from my primary doctor.

thursday, nov 14: i headed back up to the berg in the morning, had class in the afternoon, and then spent the afternoon doing homework and taking my ulcer medicine. pretty routine, but it felt good to be back up and school and know that i was on the mend.

…which is pretty much where i’m at currently. doing homework, catching up on my classes, and taking my medicine waiting for my ulcers to heal. it’s been insane, but life is at last getting back to normal. now i’ve just got to take a deep breath and finish out the semester strong. i’m definitely on the senior year struggle bus for that one!