a beautiful and serene scene at eden seminary in saint louis, MO, from my trip there last week

as the trees all around fade from vibrant green to fiery and burning hues of red and yellow, i feel like these changes are a tangible representation of my own internal changes throughout my senior year of college, and the slipping away of my time here. when i started college it seemed like it would be forever before it ended, but now that i’m approaching the end it all seems to speed by, uncontrollable, and with no chance of slowing down.

and so i have thrown myself completely and fully into the hectic hot mess that is my senior year. i’m doing it all, taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way, trying hard to grasp onto this tail end of my time here at heidelberg. as each leaf flutters to the ground or gets swept off a branch by the strong winds i am reminded that, like these leaves, my time here in tiffin is flying by and counting down.

i see my own internal changes in the fall foliage that’s so plentiful here in northern ohio, and i adore it. but it begs the question, what will it mean when all of the leaves fall and are gone? what will that say about my internal state when winter is fully upon me?