how do i even begin to describe dr. marc o’reilly (i like to shorten it to MOreilly for fun) to people who have never even met him?

he’s my academic advisor, mentor, friend, travel partner, and the head of the political science department, and he’s canadian as hell. he also has catchphrase tarrets, which makes any kind of interaction with him a riot. he goes through phrases like kate moss goes through cigarettes, shouting out things like “ratchet!”, “YOLO!”, and “where are my hashtags!?”. he’s on facebook, he tweets, and he always makes a point to try and censor me when we’re out in public, yelling things like “you cannot sayyyy that miss bailey!!” and “you’re life is a total shitttt showwww!” haha.

when i was looking at universities MOreilly was the first person i met here at heidelberg, and just from our first conversation i knew that as an advisor, marc would push me to the brink to help me succeed and accomplish anything i dreamed up, and he’s done just that. marc is more than just a mentor, he’s also a friend to his mentees. i’ve cried in his office about the stress of classes and the stress of trying to get all of my study abroad forms together. i’ve texted him at 3 am for help on a paper and gotten an immediate response back. i’ve traveled to california with him 3 times, to greece and turkey once (pictured above), and i’m about to go on a road trip with him and 7 other people to st. louis this coming thursday. MOreilly is a total character, and i absolutely love it.

he has made my heidelberg experience a million times more rewarding just by being his outgoing, nosy, hilarious, loud, liberal, canadian, absolutely fantastic self. i can’t even begin to imagine my time here at heidelberg without him, and i know that i’ll miss him like hell when i leave. so here’s to you marc! to you and the brilliant effect you have on all of your wonderful students.