i’ve been lucky enough to work in heidelberg’s admission office all four of my years here for school. that basically means that i give tours, do basic office work, and attend admissions events to answer questions and be a spokesperson for the school (AKA, i’m heidelberg’s most visible cheerleader, at all times).

i work two hour shifts every MWF and for the first hour i sit at the front desk (pictured above) and act as secretary while sara (the actual secretary) is out for her lunch break. my next hour is then filled with either tours (yay!!) or mindless office work (filing, alphabetizing, coding, sending out mailings, etc. it’s all pretty meh).

as nerdy as it all sounds, i completely adore my job. i work with the best people on campus, both the admissions counselors and the other student workers. i literally get paid to tell people about my love of heidelberg (when i’m not busy filing, of course), which is awesome because i really am hella passionate about my school. it’s a great gig, and i wouldn’t change it for anything.