when i stub my toe on the corner of my bed every single morning when i’m getting up. you’d think that i would have learned by now but oh no, i definitely have not. it’s sometimes just easier to believe that eventually my willpower will win and my bed will move out of my way rather than me actually having to change the way i wake up.

getting on the ferry to leave paros after my semester there last fall. i said all of my goodbyes, took lots of pictures, and downed a bottle of wine for good measure. it wasn’t just the emotional act of getting on the boat to leave my recent island home, it was physically difficult as well. this was probably due to the bottle i had downed before getting on the boat (in order to drown out the sadness that was threatening to overwhelm me) and the seven mini-bottles that i bought once i was on the ferry. though normally i loved the gentle lulling of the ferry on the sea, that night it just seemed abusive seeing as how i woke up with at least nine bruises.

plucking my eyebrows with tweezers is literally one of my least favorite activities. if you were to give me the option of swimming with baby sharks or plucking a stray hair or two, i would always choose the sharks. even just looking at tweezers makes my eyes water..

saying goodbye at the airport always turns into a total cry-fest for me. it doesn’t matter who i’m saying bye to, it’s always a struggle to keep my emotions in check and not start bawling during the goodbye hug. i always hug, and then stand there for a minute or two while the person gets in line for security. i give a little wave and then turn to leave, and they turn away too. that’s when i turn back, when they’re not looking and you can sense the tension in their physique. that’s the real moment, when you’re just an observer because they think that you’ve gone only you haven’t and all you want to do is go running back to them for another hug. it’s hard, and i think it always will be.

having long hair can actually be quite painful. i may look like an effortless sea nymph all the damn time, but it takes work! trying to hop in a car quickly? i hope you don’t accidentally shut your hair in the door, because you’ll be in tears in seconds. want to wear a super high bun? make sure it’s held in place tightly because when it starts falling to one side then so does your neck, and it will be sore for days.

distance is one of the most heart-hurting things in the world because you’re always one of two people: the person leaving to go on an adventure, or you’re the person being left. going on an adventure is always spectacular. sure, there are hard times, but the good almost always outweighs the bad. if you’re the person still at home, though, it can be rough, even if it’s only for a week or two.

waxing your own lip is what divides the women from the girls, in my opinion at least. it’s cheaper and far more convenient than always going to the salon, but it also gives you a false sense of comfort since you’re doing it all in your own space. i bought the sally hanson stuff and it looked all cute and girly, so i warmed it up and put the strips on my lip.. at which point it’s too late to go back. either you’re ripping our your own facial hair or you’re going to be walking around with wax strips just above your lips. i’m telling you, those cutely packaged waxing sets are highly deceptive because that stuff hurts like a bitch, there’s just no way around it. i still use it, but when i do i give myself a 2 minute pep talk and then still yelp out in pain when it’s done.