here’s a casual shot of one of the walls in my dorm room, because why not? it’s filled with all kinds of travel memories and beautiful pictures. i love it!

  • casual poster of nancy botwin from weeds: aka one of my all time favorite shows
  • my trusty prague map
  • another map, this time of paros island
  • various tickets from my travels: to the akropolis, to ferries heading across the agean, to buses, and to airplanes flying me to greece for the first time
  • a beautiful drawing and poem from my talented friend hannah jane
  • a HISA brochure from my time at art school
  • a heart-shaped compilation of my favorite travel photographs, all taken by me
  • my cozy teal pillow
  • in the foreground there’s my clothing rack for drying all my laundry, complete with lots of brightly colored clothes pins
  • two pieces of art that i’ve bought: a stormtrooper and a flowered window
  • anddddd my casual towels that are hanging up to dry

so nothing too exciting, but it makes my room feel like home. every time i look around i’m reminded of my amazing life experiences and it keeps me inspired and working hard.