my life is absolutely insane, especially when it involves emily and aj (reference my last post for more proof on that). no, but really.

if you would have asked me mid-day yesterday what i was going to be doing that night i probably would have said homework. as it turns out, i spent part of my evening crammed in a dorm bathroom with aj and emily, miley cyrus’ new album blaring in the background, eating a milky way, comb in hand, hair past errywhurr, covered in bits of aj’s red mane. no lie. emily and i spent a good 20 minutes helping aj turn his voluptuous red waves into more of a slicked back 30’s style do, alternating between actual hairstyling and giving opinions on how it was progressing.

it was completely and totally ridiculous, and i wouldn’t change it for anything. sometimes you just have to be ready to toss your plans out the window and go with the flow, because most of the time you’ll end up in wonderful situations with really good stories to tell later. like this one.