emily, aj, and i have all known each other four entire time at heidelberg, yet it’s taken us three years to get our shit together and finally be bff’s. now that it’s all come together, though, it’s practically effortless. we all have hella hectic schedules but we make time for gossip lunches and life update dinners. it’s the kind of friendship that can only come from knowing each other for so long and in such ridiculous circumstances.

i’ve gone out to san francisco with these two every year that i’ve been at heidelberg. then, after sophomore year, we all three went on a berg trip to turkey and greece. the three of us have gone on more chipotle runs with dr. o’reilly than i can even count, and now we’re gearing up to road trip it to saint louis in just under two weeks. we’ve been stuck in the columbus airport together for 18 hours, we’ve hiked a volcano together, we’ve ridden a trolly with the president of the university together, and, probably the most impressive, we’ve survived marc o’reilly’s excessive use of hashtags together.

our friendship is a loud one, because really, when you’ve already gone through all of that stuff with one another, yelling at aj to shut off the damn baseball game because it’s a stupid sport anyway is no big deal. we can literally spend hours sprawled out in emily’s common room watching SNL and laughing at the way one of our classmates pronounces the word keurig (she says “kurrrrug”), and i love it.

while it’s tragic that we missed out on years of being bff’s, i’m just glad i get to have them by my side before we graduate. seriously, these two are the only way that i’m going to survive my senior year. so thanks guys.