when i was abroad last year i grew into a new, and more beautiful, version of myself. i fell in love with myself in a whole new way: learning new strengths, becoming more independent, and flinging myself outside my comfort zone any time i could.

the hardest thing about coming back to the states was trying to find a balance between the me who was abroad, and the me that everybody else remembered from before i left. in order to fully change and become the person i wanted to be, the grecian me, i first had to let go of all the things that were holding me back. in order to change, we must first shed those things that don’t allow for change.

as the seasons now transform, i am reminded of this principle every time i see a tree in the middle of transitioning into colder weather. first, the leaves change, and then, they are shed. our whole lives are a process of changing and shedding, changing and shedding.

whether it’s getting a new job, taking a class that alters your world view, or volunteering with those less fortunate, you are constantly being changed by things around you. the only question is, are you willing to shed what you don’t need in order to fully become the person you were meant to be?