there’s nothing quite like the sudden onset of fall weather in ohio. everyone seems to go from complaining about the flip-flopping rain-to-heat-to-rain weather to a sense of whoa, while we were busy whining the very earth itself was busy changing.

and that’s exactly what it is that i love: the fact that you can see the alterations of the world all around you. you see the change in a pile of crunchy leaves, in a tree that’s still mostly green but the top has turned yellow and you just can’t wait for the rest of the leaves to follow suit, and you can see the change in the cool fog of your breath on a crisp fall night.

the weather gets colder and, for me, everything seems to become more alive: the world finally stops sweating from the heat of summer and tosses on a jackets and says come and explore, there’s so much here you have yet to see.

and that’s just what we’re meant to do, to go and explore.

whether you’re exploring a beautiful field of sunflowers or simply noticing the subtle beauty of the woods on a long car drive, we are meant to be explorers. especially in the fall.