I have some photos from when I’m younger where I’d say that I would look pretty good in a centerfold.

clothing is the last defense against ageing..

you could develop a drug unit and then go out really aggressively..

that’s a good point! let’s just look at murder rate.

I looked out the window and saw a group of african children chasing the headmaster around the school ..I became very nervous.

yeaaaa, if you’re a muslim then the crusaders are pretty bad guys!

the student prince has the biggest likelihood of being a partier, as far as mascots go. the raiders come in second.

polar bear or raider, who would win? i’d bet on the polar bear.

look! i’m wearing my teacher costume today!

storks bring babies. so don’t worry about unprotected sex, eh, just keep the storks away!

if they’re busy having sex then they can’t hunt all the storks!

let’s study fires.

if the damn thing were easier to read then I could go get an early morning beer. but it’s not, you need me!

I was told long ago if you want to be sexually excited then you have to use your imagination.

clothing adds to the appeal and the illusion. there’s no excitement at a nudist colony!

the pendulum is swinging wildly today you know..

the problem today is that people aren’t holding their politics and idealologies as they would a bird.. because it would be dead then.

books are the earliest form of instant replay.

and then you all will stand on this line in order of your weight..

I was drinking some scotch so of course I decided to help dr. reyer pick the winning haiku.

this is data just taken off a computer program. it hasn’t been massaged and worked through properly.

I don’t think we really need to worry about the why..

monday really doesn’t seem to be the best time for this class now does it?

how do we know if it does? imagination, that’s how.

you set a trap and find a squirming little correlation in there, and now you’ve got to find out what it is.

PowerPoint is even kind of fun. it’s artistic, you get to design shit.

I don’t really know if that’s correct..

first you need to get ahold of the jolly green giant.

why is this important? because bad data leads to shitty ideas about the world!

let’s say that we’re studying prisons..