a view that still takes my breath away

a view that still takes my breath away

for as long as i can remember, i’ve had trouble visualizing things. it just doesn’t work with my brain, for some reason or another. you could literally ask me to close my eyes and picture my best friend and then describe her back to you and i wouldn’t be able to do it. it’s weird, and inconvenient at times, but i think that it’s also connected to the way that i dream, in that i don’t often have dreams. this is probably because i have enough trouble visualizing stuff even when i’m awake.

when i do have dreams they’re very intense and usually correlate to something that i’ve been obsessing or musing over lately, which, ever since i returned from study abroad, has been greece. i’m completely fine with not dreaming regularly, but if i didn’t ever dream of greece i would be crushed. it only happens a few times a month, and last night was one of those times.

the whole dream revolved around my cousin, dawn, wanting to travel to the island of paros  as a late honeymoon and wanting me to be her tour guide. we frantically packed and jetted off to the airport, heading from columbus to jfk in nyc. we arrive at jfk and i suddenly realize that i’d forgotten one of my most important posessions: my camera. the rest of my dream was filled with long flights and ferry rides, and me frustrated and upset at forgetting my beloved sony. despite the aspect of stress in the dream, it was still utter bliss. even just dream memories of navigating the athens airport to make it to the port in time for the last ferry was a rush that i’d gladly take any day.

i know i won’t be heading back to greece anytime in the near future, so for now these ridiculous dreams are what’s getting me through those rough days when i yearn to be back on my quaint little island, a 4 hour ferry ride from the mainland, exploring the rocky cliffs and swimming in the sea. sometimes it’s bittersweet being back in the states, but these dreams keep me going and give me just enough of a taste of grecian life. after all, i am a grecian girl at heart.