jimmy and i, post-wedding reception, with our souvenirs

jimmy and i, post-wedding reception, with our souvenirs

first, some quick background info. this whole shenanigans filled story takes place in wonderful san francisco, during my sophomore year at the berg, during a model un conference. one of my good friends had flown up from LA to visit me while i was in his home state for a few days, and had flown back down earlier in the day. i was emotional, and spent a good few hours binge eating desserts with friends at the restaurant closest to my hotel.

cut to my guy friends and i walking back to the hotel post-sugar-rush. we waltz in the doors and our eyes are dazzled by people in fancy dresses, suits, bow ties, and lots of high heels. holy shit, there’s a prom being held at this hotel we said out loud, each reminiscing back to our own proms.

a few hours later a bunch of us are hanging out in a hotel room, trying to decide what to do with our night (and what they can do to pull me away from the wine bottle, quite honestly), when someone brings up the prom. wouldn’t you love to go crash a prom!? that would be an awesome story! was the general consensus. we all sprang into action and threw on our most prom-esque clothes, heading down to the lobby in a matter of 10 minutes.

we’re huddled together in a giggling gaggle, thrilled at how “rebellious” we’re being and reveling in the sense of just how twentysomething we all are. the music is thumping, lights are whirling around, and the conference area is full of people and fancy tables. lots of fancy tables. the farther we walk in, the more we start to notice things that seem to be out of place at a prom, like baby strollers ..and lots of latino grandfathers sitting against the wall.

whatever, it’s a weird prom we decided, and headed straight for the dance floor and hardcore gave it our all for a solid ten minutes, when i needed a water break (obviously). it was when we were sitting at a table, sipping our beverages and people watching, that i noticed cake pops in the center of the table ..which i promptly ate (duh! it’s free cake pops!).

so picture this: a whole table full of twentysomething white kids from ohio sitting at a table, munching on cake pops, when all of a sudden the DJ shouts out a congrats to alfred and danica, the bride and groom. holy hell, we were most definitely not at a prom, and had i not been sipping on so much wine prior to the adventure i probably would have noticed that. we stayed a bit longer anyways and i continued dancing my sad emotions away (and eating cake pops during all the breaks) until we were all tuckered out and decided to head back up to our room.

we had just crashed a latino wedding (reception), without even meaning to, and it was amazing. we all, including our professor on the trip, laugh about it still to this day. it was a spectacular night with my best friends, and it was exactly the kind of ridiculousness that i needed to forget my sadness for the day.