it seems that every time i get tired of ohio and wish i were off somewhere else, something happens to draw me back in. a few days ago it was a train.

danielle and i were heading back to campus from a wine tasting up in port clinton (it’s called mon ami, and i highly recommend it!) and were trying to hurry and catch the tail end of an event happening at the berg; we were eager to get back.

the weather was perfect, the conversation was rolling, and everything was going swell ..and then we saw the train and both groaned with annoyance. once we came to a halt, however, i began to look around. danielle and i were surrounded by beautiful fields, the sun was just beginning to set, and with all that as a backdrop, the train was actually quite beautiful.

it’s the simple moments like this that bring me back to the present and make me so thankful for this life i live. i’m surrounded by a splendid world filled with splendid souls, and i couldn’t be happier.