I literally have the greatest friends in the world. every MWF I dread heading to the library for my hour long conversational Spanish class. that is, until profe told us we would be doing a group project for the next few weeks and then proceeded to pair me up with my two BFF’s in the class, Emily and TJ.

we have to create a commercial for an imagined product, which sounds really boring right? it was, until the three of us decided to have our product be “bitch cream!”, a lotion type stuff to slather on and get rid of resting bitch face. discussing this whole thing in Spanish is even better because Emily and I are stumbling over the worlds while TJ is giving a flawless infomercial speech and we’re all just being ridiculously dramatic.

this class that I use to dread has now turned into one of the highlights of my week. seriously, last class the three of us googled photos of angry and happy looking celebrities and compiled them all into a “before and after” type PowerPoint. looking at pictures of a bald and raging Britney Spears totally made my day. que fantastico!!