the friend who will always buy you free food

the catty friend

the friend who will let you yell and scream and freak the fuck out and never get mad because they know that sometimes you just gotta let it all out

the friend who makes you feel way better about your own shiesty life decisions, because theirs are always worse

the friend who sends you the best random surprises in the mail

the friend who keeps you updated on all the drama highlights that you missed while you were busy over the weekend

the friend who always has a bottle of wine at their house just in case you stop by

the friend who always wants to be more than friends and you just keep avoiding and dodging all advances

the friend who lives hella far away that you miss like crazy and only get to see like once a year, if you’re lucky

the friend who always has snacks handy

the friend who is a total mother type figure for your group of friends

the friend that you’ve traveled the world with

the friend that you wish you could travel the world with

the friend that you’re not really friends with but they think you are so you just roll with it because it’s easier

the friend you used to date

the friend who turns crazy annoying when they drink

the friend who keeps offering you four lokos even though they’re such a freshman thing and you always say no

the friend who doesn’t know when to drop a subject

the friend who doesn’t notice basic social queues so so every interaction is slightly awkward

the friend you used to go to high school with and now only talk to twice a year

the friend that you always make plans with and somehow they always fall through

the friend who is well-to-do and wants you to know it

the friend that’s just as nerdy as you are

the friend who can always convince you to go out even though you have like seven papers due and 4 books to read all before monday

the friend who only talks about themselves every time you get together

the friend who is constantly high and makes you feel really good about your own recreational activities