this is mostly a post for those of you who are interested in my academic and scholarly life here at heidelberg university.

as you may have read in my last blog post, my senior year has started off on a hectic note. this semester i’m taking my last honors class, HNR455, a class in which i take on a semester long research project with a faculty mentor of my choice and then at the end of the semester i present my findings to the campus. it’s basically like my honors capstone (and yes, i also have a political science capstone that i’ll have to do next semester), but with tons of freedom in the direction that i can take it.

so at the end of last year i was planning to work with my usual polysci mentor, dr. o’reilly, and do something in regards to the effect of religion in the american political system. over the summer, however, i did a complete 180 degrees and decided that i would much rather take my research towards an artistic end. within the last week i have had to scrap my old research ideas, come up with an entirely new project, search out a new mentor professor, and write up a proposal for my project in time for the honors tea, where i will formally introduce my project to the rest of the honors department (which is in like 4 days).

AND I HAVE DONE IT! i got an email back from the head of the honors department, dr. collar, this morning saying that he loves my ideas and would be more than happy to mentor me himself. needless to say, i’m absolutely thrilled! at the bottom of this post you’ll find my project proposal, in case you’re interested in seeing what i’ll be spending the next 13-14 weeks studying!!

let me know if you have any feedback or supplemental ideas about where i could take this project, i would love to hear from you!

my proposal:: Richard Avedon and steinbeck