so i was tired and bored one night and happened upon a free people blog post about palm reading. being random and up for anything, i attempted to read my own palm! to start out i used my dominant hand for this, which is supposed to be used for current life, whereas your non-dominant hand is used to predict your future life. here’s what my right hand (current / very near future) had to say in general terms and how i decided to read it according to my specific circumstances::

i have fire hands with lots of lines and creases, but not much definition. people with fire type hands are energetic and on the go. they need variety, and can be a little impatient and intolerant. fire hands are also often fiercely individual, and make great leaders. –seems to fit my personality pretty damn well. between my ADD and my need to always do something new and random, i can definitely see it.

my heart line starts between my index finger and middle finger. people with this placement of heart line tend to fall in love easily. my line is wavy which means many lovers, and it has lots of little lines crossing it meaning emotional trauma of some kind. super. –over the years i’ve learned that i tend to fall in love with places, not people. each new place that i visit draws me in, connecting me to the people and the culture and sometimes never letting go. seen in this light, many lovers may mean many new places to visit and fall in love with, which i’m all about! as for the emotional trauma, that would fit. coming back to whatever your “real world” is is always hard after an escape to a new place.

my head line is gentle and curving, meaning that i’m creative and spontaneous. there are a lot of other lines that cross it, meaning many big life decisions to come. –definitely creative, definitely spontaneous. the big life decisions bit is spot on. starting my senior year has made me realize how many things i need to get in order: seminary, my volunteership for the year after i graduate from college, if i’m going to volunteer abroad or somewhere here in the states, etc.

my life line is long and defined which represents inner strength and vitality. –i am the light of my own life, enough said.

my fate line has breaks in it, meaning that external forces will change my life many times. –not sure about this one.. i guess only time will tell.

if you’re interested in playing around with this stuff (i feel like it would make a cool party trick!), here are the two websites that i used: