year after year the freshman seem to become younger. no, really. they come in with their eyes sparkling and their hearts full of good intentions and hope, and yet their faces seem more and more baby like. is this trend going to continue? am i just really getting that damn old!?

just the thought that this is my last year makes me crazy anxious. knowing that everything that i’m doing could be the last time that it happens is insane. things like: the random trips to the mexican restaurant to gossip and catch up with emily and aj, acting like a fool at casino night, late night movies on the campus center lawn, and rearranging my dorm room in anticipation of the upcoming school year.

it’s totally acceptable to be in bed before midnight right? as a senior i feel like i’ve earned the right to both stay up as late as i want and be super obnoxious, orrrr go to bed super early because i’m hella exhausted.

this is my last chance here at heidelberg. my last chance to make a difference, to make close connections with people, to bother marc o’reilly, to run around around and act like a complete fool because that’s just how comfortable i am with everyone here. i feel like there’s so much to do and experience here before i’m done. the school year itself hasn’t even begun and yet i’m already stressing about it ending.

the real world feels real close and i’m not such a fan of that. sure, i want to grow up and go on to further my education and eventually do whatever it is that i’ll end up doing; but i want that to stay far off in the future! the fact that it’s creeping ever closer is something that i’m not ready for just yet. college is a safe zone, and i don’t yet know what awaits me out in the “real world”.

travel brings you closer. it’s my third day on campus and the main people that i’ve hung out with are those that i have traveled the world with. some i’ve flown to san francisco yearly with for three years, others have joined me crusing the aegean in greece, and other people explored the wonders of turkey with me. all the good, the bad, the dramatic, the traumatic, the sublime, the inspiring, and freaking insane moments culminate in a bond that will last a lifetime. after you’ve survived an 8 hour flight next to someone you’re basically their friend for life. travel throws you out of your comfort zone and has a beautiful way of connecting you to those who are also along for the ride.

the trains in tiffin are still loud as hell. even sleeping with earplugs in doesn’t seem to do the trick! that’ll definitely take some readjusting to.

all of my pens are shiesty. throughout various meetings during welcome weekend they have dripped ink on me, exploded on me, and smeared all over my hands and legs. hmm, this year i may have to make the switch back to mechanical pencils, as boring as those are.

i swear that the walls here in france hall were painted with the intent that nothing be able to stick to them, even blue painters tape. everything that i put up around my room just falls off a few hours later.. how annoying.

i’m extremely uncoordinated when it comes to getting in and out of my lofted bed. when i want up there i step up on a box and fling myself up and towards the wall, hoping that my energy keeps me moving in the direction i desire. when i wake up in the morning i have to blearily (no contacts in yet!) look down and find the blurry square that is the box and then cautiously drop myself down and hope that in my still-half-asleep state i don’t fall over and hurt myself. seriously, it’s intense.