in college, i use this line pretty liberally with people. there are so many options for things to go out and do and, being an introvert at heart, it can get really overwhelming for me. also, i just really like time away from people. so here are a few of the things that i’m actually doing when i give the vague response that “i’m staying in tonight” :: 

buying exfoliating face masks at kroger and then sitting around all night looking like a ghost and watching bad tv on the cw.

learning to belly dance.

inviting other people over for a chill life chat sesh and ignoring your texts about why i’m not at that frat party.

going for a shake shak run to get a chocolate carmel milkshake and then enjoying it while watching LOTR.

doing all of the homework that i’ve been procrastinating on.

doing homework for a class in advance so that i can skip it on friday and drive down to columbus for a concert.

laying in bed watching netflix and drinking wine straight from the bottle.


having a wine skype night with my wonderful friend emily in massachusetts.

going out to another party that i know you won’t be at, because really i don’t want to stay in, i just don’t want to hang out with you right now.

planning my next trip abroad.

heading over to the gym for a late night yoga session with the new jay-z cd motivating me in the background.

drawing with sharpie all over my hands in an attempt to learn the art of palm reading.

writing letters to people all over the world.

reading a really nerdy book about dragons and magic and shit while nom-ing on a box of cheez-it’s.

watching late-night reruns of FRIENDS on nickelodeon.

having my own personal dance party and throwing glitter all over the floor while listening to a completely ridiculous artist that i wouldn’t want most people to know that i enjoy.

freaking out and venting to other honors students about how screwed i am in regards to my senior honors project that i have yet to start.

visiting with my RA friends who are on duty in other buildings.

late night grocery shopping at kroger.