1) i am absolutely terrible with vomit. dark or milky light, chunky from bits of food or smooth, horridly smelly or not so awful: i am just dreadful at dealing with all of it. it doesn’t matter if it’s a kid at the daycare, a friend after a night out, or a dog that i’m watching, i will run away when there is vomit involved. sorry little child, find another teacher to help! sorry friend, i guess we aren’t such good friends after all eh!? and dammit dog that i’m pet-sitting, i have to clean up after you and i’m pretty sure that now i’m going to vom too!

2) i could speak in a “pet voice” all day long and not be exhausted from it. i was dog-sitting four pooches, and i carried on conversations with all four of them for all four days that i was there. there’s just something soothing about having a one-sided conversation with a german shepard who doesn’t talk back but you just know that she gets where you’re coming from.

3) i still detest the smell of dog food. it doesn’t even matter if i’m getting paid to scoop it out, every mealtime it was a battle of my own will to serve it out in bowls to all the animals. seriously, just the smell of it makes me nauseous.

4) when i one day down the road get a dog of my own, it will not be slobbery. i can’t even tell you how many of my shirts had to be changed before i left the house because there were giant drooling wet spots on the front of them.

5) i really do miss having a dog of my own to sleep in my room when i’m at home. my whole childhood i had a beagle named casey who would curl up and sleep in there with me, but sadly she passed on.  now the other dog we have in the house, kipper, constantly smells like she’s just rolled around in a dead animal, and i obviously can’t have that smell emanating from my bed. it was so nice, for a couple nights, to know that i was being watched over as i slept by two large and adorable dogs.

6) fur just isn’t my look. mostly we’re talking fur that’s been shed and left all over the couch, but animal-cruelty fur also isn’t my thing..

7) i sneeze more than anyone else i know. i spent at least a quarter of my time pet-sitting sneezing and scaring the crap out of the dogs. they’d be relaxing and sleeping and all of a sudden i’d *ACHOOOOO* crazy loud and jump out of my seat with the force of it. the poor dogs.

8) i’m definitely not a cat person. kittens are alright, but nowhere near as badass as dogs. cats are all judgey and, well, catty. dogs mostly just romp around constantly want to give and receive love love LOVE! and i’m all about a life filled with love.