being here on the lake naturally makes me start thinking of Greece and my days spent in the Aegean. those days were filled with such bliss that I’m not sure that any other body of water will ever compare, purely because of all the amazing memories that are tied in to that sea.

in the beginning of the week I could only look at the water from afar and still be content, for the closer I got the more I couldn’t pretend that it was a gorgeous pool of salt water in the Mediterranean. it was painful at first, seeing Lake Erie and only being able to think back to my time in Greece.

I wanted to like it, truly I did, but there were just too many things wrong. the air didn’t tang with the smell of salt, the water was cloudy and dirty, the beach was filled with washed up algae, and the smell of fish here in New York just wasn’t the same as the smell of fish in a small Greek port town.

the longer I’ve been here, however, the more I’ve come to appreciate my surroundings. the water may not be crystal clear, but the sound of it whooshing up onto an outcropping of rock still makes me smile. the beach front area may have dead fish washed up, but it also has a plethora of gorgeous sea glass too. the water isn’t as stunning of a blue, but you can still boat on it. you may not want to run right into the lake, but you can walk around on the boulders on the edges without having to worry about stepping on a sea urchin. I’ve realized that as much as I crave being back in the Aegean, there are still so many little things here to appreciate (and are more easily attainable than an expensive plane ticket back to Greece!).

I have been so blessed in life to have had the opportunities to travel as much as I have, which is brilliant and I’m so thankful for all the places that I’ve been, but it also then makes it harder to come back and enjoy the simpler things sometimes. like with Lake Erie. it no longer fit with my idea of what a body of water should be, due to being so damn spoiled in Greece. it’s definitely a hard process, but one that I’m finally beginning to tackle. I’m working on getting back into the simple beauty of the Midwest. wish me luck!!