so apparently the new trend with girls is loving mermaids, but i’ve already been on this level for years. mermaid status: CHECK.

ever since i can remember i’ve been lucky enough to have a pool in my backyard. i spent my summers as a child frolicking in the water as often as i could. my neighbor girl best friend would come over almost every day and we would make up some new game to play for hours on end. our imaginations were amazing; we never ran out of things to do in that pool. our favorite game though, obviously, was anything to do with mermaids. sometimes i would be queen mermaid and she would be my trusty bestie and we’d be off saving the mer-kingdom from bad guys. other days we would be mer-spies, getting info on the humans. kaitlynn, my neighbor/bestie, was about as dramatic as you could get as an 8 year old, and then some, so anything we acted out as mermaids was an adventure.

kaitlynn and i continued at that for years, gradually improving on our mermaid swimming and how long we could hold our breath under water. those summers out in the pool were bliss.

fast forward to kaitlynn and i growing up and growing apart. i’m not even ashamed to admit that i would still spend hours out in the pool on my own, twirling my long dark hair in the water and seeing how long i could mermaid swim underwater. i was obviously really cool in high school.

every year during my summers off from college i work at a daycare, filled with darling little girls who also want to play mermaids. most of the other female daycare teachers sit on the side of the pool and watch the kids, too busy getting their tan on. the male teachers dive right in, throwing kids in the air left and right as giggles fill the air. i, on the other hand, still play mermaids. but now, the whole time i’m in the water, i think back to my months in greece.

when i was there, i was a real mermaid. i had the long shimmering hair, crystal clear water, sand made from quartz that glittered as the sea bobbed. hell, i even had lagoons, secluded beaches, caves, grottos, and (at one point) flippers that propelled me downward to explore the sea life off the edge of a cliff. it was surreal. i went swimming every day that the weather allowed for it. sometimes i floated and sometimes i would see how far i could get from shore, bobbing way out in the middle of the aegean away from all the crowds of the beach and the lights of the road. it was out there that i truly felt like a water creature, alone and observing the world of humankind.

i’m pretty sure that i’ll always be a mermaid at heart. the only difference is that i’ve grown from an “ariel” type mermaid into a mermaid straight out of greek mythology, fierce, a siren, powerful.

it’s no wonder i have such an affinity for water, in another life i was a siren dooming sailors on the high seas. no big deal.

so anyway, there’s my weird rant about being a college girl who still wishes she was a mermaid (and briefly was during her stint in greece).