my summer this year will include many things, chief among them my finally having the time to read all kinds of nerdy, intellectual, and wonderful religious books. when I’m up at school taking on a full course load I have no time in my schedule to read books that are of interest to me, only those that are required. being home now and having the leisure time to read whatever the hell i want is a beautiful thing. currently I’m reading THE GOD OF OLD: INSIDE THE LOST WORLD OF THE BIBLE by James L Kugel. granted, I’m only on chapter three, but so far it’s been riveting for an Old Testament need like myself! there’s been all kinds of talk of angels, OT cosmology, the fear of seeing god directly, and it’s just starting to get into the idea of god searching people out for specific purposes. the view of god from the OT is so vastly different from our view today. their entire world was seen through a different lens, and important thought to keep in mind when reading ancient near east literature. loving the book, and the free time, so far!! I’ll let you know what I think of it once I’m done.