this blog was originally created to help keep all of my loved ones updated on all of my wonderful life adventures, like study abroad, art school, and island life. i’ve always wanted it to be a discussion starter. when i was gone it was a way for people to keep up to date on my life so that they could be involved in my life discussion and interact with me even while i was gone.

now that i’m back the purpose has shifted slightly; i’m still wanting to update everyone on my ever busy life, but i’m also looking for an outlet that allows for expression and helps me to better formulate my thoughts and stances on issues. since i’m planning to go to seminary after i graduate from heidelberg (oh yea, SURPRISE! i want to go to seminary!) this is something that i need to get practiced at. beyond this, however, i want some of my posts to be conversation starters. sometimes the conversation might be “oh my! can you believe what that kearstin is doing up at school!?” and sometimes it may be “i don’t agree with her at all! can you believe that she would post something like that!”, and these are okay with me.

ultimately i just want you to think. THINK! about anything and everything. my darling cousin summer get’s email updates when i post a new blog and after she’s done reading she’ll send me her thoughts on it, which i absolutely adore! here’s what she had to say about my last post, “BAD BITCHES”::

Of course I watched the video on your most recent blog post(: (twice actually) and the whole thing  got me thinking but especially “Act II” of the video probably because of Hailey ! The perception of woman is so terrible in movies, tv, commercials, and music videos! Then we wonder why all the young girls nowadays are acting like they’re skanks and dressing like whores too. Just for an example I’m all for Justin Bieber’s song Boyfriend and the music video is definitely fun, but looking at it in another light most of the girls are half dressed and yet Justin’s all over them and they’re all over him, they’re also all dancing pretty sexually (although with what theyre wearing anything they do would probably look sexual) and they seem to be having a  pretty wonderous time. I mean I would want Justin Bieber to be my boyfriend, If I didn’t know better I would say morale of the story is wear less, dance more and guys like him will be all over you, which is obviously all you want out of life then you’ll be completey satisfied 😀 Except actually you won’t be

THIS is what i want! i want our society to start having meaningful conversations about topics like this. so often we may talk to friends on a daily basis, but are we really saying anything of substance? hopefully this blog will be a starting point for many more conversations.