i dream of a world that is not as materialistic.

a world that revels in our differences rather than being afraid of them.

i dream that one day everyone will be able to marry who they love, and not have to worry about being treated unfairly under the law.

sometimes i dream of being able to fly, and teleport, and have the force. now you all know what a nerd i am.

i dream of a world where our mindset is more eastern, in that we like people and are willing to give them a chance until they give us a reason to think otherwise. here in the west people so often go into every discussion with a sense of uneasiness, not liking someone until they can prove their worth; a mindset that is toxic and alienating.

i dream that one day there will be no more hunger and famine and that the worlds resources will no longer be eschewed in favor of the developed world, while completely ignoring the developing world.

i dream that people will eventually learn to value the time that they have and not spend it doing things that are slowly killing them.

i dream of a world where honesty really is the best policy. a world where people don’t tell so many white lies for society’s sake.

i dream of a world where humans are finally viewed as the spiritual beings that we are, and that one day it won’t be uncool to have faith in something bigger than ourselves. a world where one day “organized religion” won’t seem like something dirty, but will be valued and seen for all the good it can create in the world.

i dream of a world where people are fulfilled.

i dream of a world where all is filled with love.