i don’t care what anybody tells you, you are beloved.

so often various religious groups like to be super exclusive and decide by themselves who god loves and who didn’t quite make the cut. it’s almost like they’ve got a checklist that they compare everyone to.

“wait, you don’t believe in the same savior that we do? OUT! you’re not affluent? NOPE! you don’t worship the way that we do? GO AWAY! you don’t dress the way we all do? WHY ARE YOU HERE! you’re not in the same political party as we are? GOING TO HELL! you’ve cheated on your spouse? GOODBYE! you’ve had a rough life and made some questionable choices in your past? THERE’S NO SAVING YOU!”

to me it just seems insane. who are you to say who is and isn’t beloved by god!? what gives you that kind of authority? your picky and finicky version of a god who only likes you and people who look like you? i call bullshit on all of it.

you are beloved, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.