ugh, i hate that our culture and society has become so damn sexist that even girls don’t like girls. i feel like that’s false, but it’s seen as cool when a girl says it.

“oh, i’m not like most girls. i actually can’t stand them.”

“i don’t have any chick friends, i much prefer hanging out with guys.”

“yea i hate girls, they’re all so catty and bitchy! i just don’t have time for all that drama.”

i mean, REALLY!? all you’re doing is reinforcing completely false and insulting societal stereotypes. if you’re going to be that simple minded and put all women into categories then why should men not as well? by saying statements like the above you’re giving the guys in your life permission to do so as well, and permission to say it about you too. STOP BEING BITCHES AND HATING ON YOUR OWN GENDER! support your fellow women. if you think that you’re so much better then why don’t you help empower others to be more like your wonderful self rather than constantly complaining. be proactive.

trust me, i’m not saying i’m perfect in this aspect by any means. when i was in high school i was adamant about it: i fucking could not stand girls. all they girls at my high school had ever done was reinforce the “mean girls” type image. i then reacted by only hanging out with guys, i figured that they would be so much more “chill” than all the “drama” that i had to deal with with girls. newsflash: guys can be just as dramatic as girls, if not more. they can also be whiney, needy, pushovers, passive, and clingy. mind blown eh?

and then i got to college, wonderful college. here i met my best friends, my true friends. and guess what? they’re all girls (gasp!) and they would all do anything for me. they’re all different and cannot be easily put in boxes based on their character traits, personalities, or actions. they do have one similarity however, they’re all strong ass women and they’ve all helped me to become the person that i am today.

so thank you danielle h, hannah lh, hannah j, emily j, emily f, ali s, jess r, dani p, naomi v, meredith h, serra a, claire m, and countless others who have helped me to grow and evolve into a strong and empowered woman.

i am now proud to say that i’m a girls girl, and that i don’t really trust any woman who isn’t. that kind of superiority complex just isn’t something that i’m down with.