so many people in the world are deeply unhappy, and this just seems crazy to me. many people spend their time online, or on their phone, or at the mall all day and never truly interact with the world around them. as a society we have become all wrapped up in how others view us and how to gain more fame and “followers”. really, all we need to be happy, in my opinion, is to find what truly fulfills our heart and go after it. teens today think that buying a pair of ray bans and wearing a north face will make them feel better about themselves and gain them more friends, but all it really does it make their parents broke and make the kids themselves more dependent on material things. granted, i’m not saying that finding what fulfills you is by any means easy, far from that. what i’m saying is that while it’s challenging, it is so worth it in the end when you’re at peace with your life and the world around you. for some people it may be creating art, for others it might be spending time with their kids, and for you it may even change over time. but taking time out of your day to think about and find what truly fills you up is not only important for self-growth, but also for our society and culture as a whole. if children continue to be brought up in a world where “the next big thing” is always around the corner, then how are they ever going to find something that will sustain them for the long term? we need to shift our thinking from “what do i want this instant?” more towards “what do i need to make my life more meaningful?”. finding the answer to that question is what will bring about change.