i try to be faithful in my relationship with god, i really do. some days are harder than others, and some days i slip. some days i end up holding the hands of my guy friend crying about my life and drinking a little too much wine. some days i judge people too quickly and turn away from what could be a possible friendship. some days i have trouble holding my tongue and keeping my opinions to myself, and so i inadvertently step on peoples toes. some days i’m brash and offensive without meaning to be, and other days i’m quiet and reserved and keep to myself. through all my slip-up’s and my struggles, i know that i am still loved and that god has not cast me aside saying “well she had her chance, and she really messed that up!”. no matter how many times i stumble, i am constantly trying to get better. it’s by no means easy, and every day i put in effort to be a more loving, less judging, and always compassionate person. i am not perfect, nor do i expect to be, but i am a work in progress, and i always try to be faithful. that’s got to count for something right?