saying no is one of the hardest things to do. so often we want to help everyone we can, and many times we feel compelled by society to do these things even if they end up being detrimental to us. saying no does not make you a terrible person, it makes you an honest person who is in touch with yourself enough to know what you can and cannot handle. always remember that you come first: if you are not happy and fulfilled then how on earth are you supposed to help anyone else become happy and fulfilled? the answer is simple: you can’t. by living in a society that tells us to overload our plates and do everything we possibly can, the result is that often we ourselves become neglected. during lent i encourage you to toy with the idea of saying no. I’m aware, this is a radical concept for some, but in the end it’s a skill that will help you to be a more stress free and joyful person. say no to something and instead spend that time doing something that makes you happy. maybe it’s cleaning your house, catching up on homework, meditating, painting your nails, or maybe it’s something as simple as watching a few episodes of the Big Bang theory to relax.