first off, credit for this beautiful sketch goes to my amazing friend hannah that I met during my time in Greece. she’s back in Florida now and continuing to work on her art, like this gorgeous piece that she sent me a preview of. it got me thinking though, how do we all know how to fill in the rest of our pictures? we start off young and living with our families, mostly influenced by their beliefs and teachings. as we get older we tend to steer away from that and try to find our own way in the world. as a twentysomething, this is the life phase that I’m in. my basic sketch is done, the backbone of the entire drawing is complete, but there are still plenty of parts to sketch and fill in. there are still so many details to add. this is where I think god comes in. all throughout my life I’ve felt these random “nudges” towards various things. I’ve never questioned them and always followed them. when I was young I thought that it was the universe looking out for me, and who wouldn’t take direction from the universe!? as I’ve grown older and become more involved with religious studies I now attribute these nudges to god. I truly think that these feelings I get are real and that eventually I’ll fulfill my life purpose, whatever that is, if I keep following them. the first step though is to start listening. you have to hear. I still don’t know what’s in store for me, but I do know that anytime I’m facing a life altering choice or dilemma, somehow I always get a hunch and I always pull through to something better. it’s a learned skill though, you have to practice this kind of openness. you have to want to hear what god is trying to tell you.