from praguei am a citizen of the world. i am a proud feminist woman filled with drive and passion and ferocity. i’m a liberal and a christian, and i’m okay with all of the questions and confusion that sometimes comes from that. i can literally talk the entire day away, easy. i am a lover of moscato, all things chocolate, and the amazing sense of community that is experienced at a live concert. i’m a yoga-practicer, a skiier, and a dancer. i’m spontaneous and tend to be driven by emotions and impulse, which makes for many good stories later on. i am a daughter, sister, cousin, niece, granddaughter, friend, church member, university student. i’m a twentysomething who is still trying to figure out my place in the world and what i want from life, but i’m quite alright with that uncertainty. i am filled with laughter, opinions, and snarky comebacks. most importantly though, i’m filled with love. i take chances and live passionately and love fully, and i don’t regret anything because it has all helped mold me into this strong and vivacious woman that i am today. i am an explorer and an adventurer. i’m so thankful for this amazing life i lead and all the people that are here to share it with me. i am blessed beyond belief.