1. making smores and adding extra hershey’s to it. then eating it and getting the ooey gooey marshmallow all over your face and having melted chocolate dripping down your hands. there’s nothing better than feeling like a 6 year old again to put your life in perspective.
  2. snow in the forecast. if it’s going to be cold it had at least better snow!
  3. freshly painted nails that haven’t yet gotten all shiesty and chipped.
  4. curling up with my body pillow on a rainy night, because it doesn’t get much better than that.
  5. the scene in Vicky Christina Barcelona when scarlett johansson and penelope cruz kiss! stellar women, no explanation needed.
  6. dancing in the summer rain with my cousin, who just so happens to be named summer rayne
  7. the feeling of flying off somewhere new where everything is completely open to possibility, but you haven’t actually arrived so it’s all in your head and perfect as you imagine everything that could happen.
  8. all of the amazing opportunities that I’ve had in life and all the ones that are to come. i’m so thankful for this life i live.
  9. my gorgeous and ever supportive family!
  10. a good glass of moscato.
  11. a cheap glass of moscato. because most of the time i’m a broke ass college student like that.
  12. my amazing friends, both here in ohio as well as those who are scattered all across the country. it sucks that so many of my good friends are so far away, but it just makes me cherish them more.
  13. nighttime meditations, soothing and chill.
  14. having four kinds of burt’s bees a my disposal because you just never know when you might need one.
  15. sitting next to cole in geology class. he’s pretty shy and likes to pretend that my constant chatting and question asking is annoying but i know that he loves the attention, because in the end all we really want is someone who will take the time to delve into us. i’m only writing this because i know that there’s no way that he’ll read this, otherwise i’d never let on how much i love our casual him-being-shy and me-being-prying conversations.
  16. sending out handwritten letters that are super personal.
  17. having my floor be covered in various kinds of glitter and confetti (it says: it’s a constant party in my room!/a shiesty stripper just left!).
  18. thinking back to all my adventures in europe with hannah, emily, mykolas, tomas, jj, and so many others!! i miss it all
  19. h2o, lotsa h2o.
  20. the fact that my lovely friend nic works in admissions this year. it makes the random work conversations much better. plus we can casually tweet inside jokes back and forth.
  21. doing night yoga/dance workouts alone in the health center with my jay-z cranked way up, because i’m just intense like that
  22. randomly finding new editions of the wall street journal magazine lying in buildings around campus. fun fact: when i see a new one, i pretty much always swipe it and then a few days later casually drop off one of my old time magazines that i don’t want anymore. thanks heidelberg!!
  23. when marc o’reilly yells at me “YOU CANNOT SAY THAT MISS BAILEY!!” while we’re out in public somewhere.
  24. going to concerts at the newport and then going for insomnia cookies afterwards down at OSU. TRADITION!!
  25. process theology, check it out.
  26. chill songs about the beach that take me back to greece.
  27. my darling Danielle who’s always there no matter what.
  28. kroger chocolate milk, though i’m pretty sure it’s laced with cocaine because it’s just that addictive.
  29. sending out random handwritten letters that are blunt and hilarious and filled with curse words and glitter, cause i know that it’s going to make somebody’s day.
  30. all of my new friends from Greece, I miss you all terribly.
  31. emoji’s that make everyday conversations much more interesting
  32. Greece. everything about it: beaches, people, professors, food, drinks. most of all though: THE AEGEAN SEA.
  33. drinking wine with hannah l-h and talking about all of our random travel adventures.
  34. any kind of occasion where i don’t have to wear pants, be it because it’s warm and i’m wearing a dress or maybe i’m just chilling in my room doing homework. either way, i love having free legs.
  35. ratatat’s music. check it out.
  36. reading all of ali sayre’s random as hell tweets:: #10reasonstodateafatgirl #gettinit #collegemutantninjaturtles #holla #moreillymocrazy
  37. sharpies!! i’m addicted to them, any and all.
  38. when somebody you like draws on your hand and all you can do is try to stay cool and focus on the feeling of the pen on your skin but secretly you’re freaking out on the inside because they’re coming closer and you just want them to keep drawing forever.
  39. chatting with my mum about my insane life until the two of us are literally in tears laughing
  40. getting wine drunk with my amazing friend eric and talking about our time studying abroad for like 5 hours straight.
  41. thinking about being in san francisco in like 75 days.
  42. wearing high heels that are 5 inches tall and feeling ultra feminine and powerful and like a complete and total BADASS!!
  43. making campfires in the summer with my family and relaxing for a bit but then seeing creepy raccoon eyes coming closer through the woods so we all just run back inside..
  44. random chipotle runs w/ marc o’reilly
  45. when a mac miller song comes on at a party and you just go crazy dancing really terribly but not giving a hoot because that’s just what you do when mac miller comes on.
  46. the feeling of crawling into a freshly made bed when you’ve just shaved your legs, it’s literally the greatest thing in the world.