living abroad taught me so many things; about me, about the world around me, about who i want to be and what i want out of life. here are just a few of the things that i learned while in greece/prague/paris/rome:


  • that it’s okay to let loose
  • to open up to people more, because you never know who you’ll really end up connecting with
  • to always walk a city the first few days so that you get the layout of the area and see the realness of it, not just all the touristic spots
  • that wine helps any situation
  • i really do prefer orange cheese on my grilled cheese
  • to try not to pay attention to taboos
  • that it’s the most random people who will impact your life
  • that you can never anticipate every situation during travel
  • that shit will go wrong and you’ll just have to roll with it
  • that if you cry in an airport people will rudely stare at you and yet offer no condolences or kind words, so you’d better not expect any
  • to dance like nobody is watching ..or like you have a few glasses of wine in you
  • that not everyone deserves your respect
  • that stories told for shock value are not to be trusted
  • some people come into your life for a reason, but you may not realize it until wayyyy down the road
  • to always keep a ring on hand, just in case i ever see kelly again and need to spontaneously propose
  • that sometimes getting lost in a city is the best thing that could ever happen to you
  • the best guides are the local guides, like random lithuanians living in prague and speaking english (how convienent)
  • that you should always respect the art in small galleries. they’re hardworking people just trying to make it in the world doing something they love
  • that even while you’re caught up in a whirlwind of travel, it’s still possible to miss people half a world away
  • to always order dessert when you’re in italy, no matter how full you are, otherwise you’ll regret it forever
  • how to navigate the Paris metro system with confidence
  • exactly who i don’t want to be and how i don’t want to end up
  • that trevor hall, ben howard, and the dirty heads are all i need as far as music goes
  • that late night wine sessions on my own can be really theraputic
  • who my true friends are and who truly cares for me and my well-being
  • who are purely friends of convenience
  • to appreciate and seek out those moments of natural and perfect clarity
  • to really think about and study the very flashpoints of my life in order to better know myself and how i came to be
  • just how much i really crave going to seminary for grad school
  • how much the ocean inspires me and my need to be near it
the simple beauty that is greece

the simple beauty that is greece