it seems crazy to me that i only have three full days on the island left. i leave saturday night for athens and then on sunday i fly off to rome to stay with my wonderful friend JJ for a bit!

this semester has completely flown by. i remember when i first got here and was still trying to adjust to life in greece i would, at times, just wish for it to all be over. heck, even last week when the weather was crummy i was okay with and ready to go home. yet now that the time is here? now that the past few days have been 70 and sunny? now that everything is winding down, classes are over, all my work is turned in, and the stuff for the final art shows are done, now leaving seems like the hardest thing in the world.

the past few weeks working on hannah’s play with emily and lindsay have been some of the best/craziest times during the semester (who ARE you!?!). i’ve grown so dang close to these girls and it’s weird to think that in just a few days we’ll all be saying goodbye to each other. granted, i am so damn thrilled to be home and see my family and friends, but it’s going to be so much harder to leave all this behind than i ever thought it would be.

tonight is the reading and the performance of hannah’s play; i can’t wait to be there and show my support for everyone! i’m trying to soak it all in while i still can, because before i know it i’ll be gone.